Social Media Split

Maryland Baltimore Mission

Objective: Local members savvy in social media will work with missionaries and chronicle their day on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, YouTube and other social media outlets.

This effort will help others understand that

  • We believe in Jesus Christ and worship our Father in Heaven through Him
  • Missionaries are hard-working young men and women who are good and friendly neighbors
  • The missionaries and members work together to serve their communities. Mormons believe in being good citizens

#SocialMediaSplit Gold Standards

1. Take action photos rather than posed shots: serving, teaching, studying, talking with people, etc.
2. Use selfies sparingly and only with a good description. Action photos of the real work are preferable.
3. Missionaries and members should all approve photos before the members post. (All eyes open? Photos clear? Does photo tell a story?)
4. Remember that missionaries represent the Savior and His Church, even on social media. All photos should be high quality in every sense.

Do not:
1. Make faces.
2. Make hand gestures.
3. Take photos of missionaries goofing around or being immature.4. Let a #SocialMediaSplit interfere with the work. It should only enhance it.

For questions, please email