Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pictures from Sister Boehrer from Elder and Sister Koelicker's visit.

These pictures were taken by Sister Boehrer.  It was an amazing visit from Elder and Sister Koelliker.  It took alot of work to coordinate everything.  We have the best senior couples working in our office.  I'll name just a few things these great couples had to do.  Baptismal pictures to be show on large screen, coordinate rides from all over the mission, programs, lunches organized, all the mail to be handed out to 140 missionaries, cars inspected, over 50 sets of windshield wipers to be bought and handed out, hour by hour schedule to be organized and coordinated with all missionaries, organize set up of tables and chairs for each of the two zone meetings, special musical numbers to be organized, help with evening dinners.  These are just a few of the extra work our office missionaries had to do in addition to all they do on a daily basis.  We can never thank them enough!! We hope all of you parents realize that the mission could not function without the help of these amazing senior couples!!  We have the very best!   Thank you Elder and Sister Jones and 
Elder and Sister Boehrer!!!!

Even though we had a general authority staying with us we still had homework to do!