Saturday, August 31, 2013

We welcome our 33 new missionaries for August 2013

Welcome our new missionaries:
Sister Blaisdell, Sister Burke, Sister Chavez, Sister Golden, Sister Jones, Sister Madsen, Sister Morris, Sister Smith, Sister Stradling, sister Williams, Elder Bell, Elder Comeau, Elder England, Elder Eves, Elder Felt, Elder gill, Elder Hendrickson, Elder Hill, Elder Jensen, Elder Johnson, Elder Kane, Elder Larsen, Elder LeGrande, Elder Orton, Elder Reber, Elder Saunders, Elder Smith, Elder Spencer, Elder Terry, Elder Va De Graaff, Elder Van de Veur, Elder Welch, Elder Donoso.

It is great having some amazing missionaries waiting to receive their visas!

 Playing games to get to know the new missionaries while President Richards is interviewing.

 New missionaries signing the back of our 
"No Empty Chairs" picture.